Our Leadership


Timothy J. Naughton

Timothy J. Naughton

Executive Chairman of the Board
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Benjamin W. Schall

Benjamin W. Schall

Chief Executive Officer and President
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Kevin O'Shea

Kevin O'Shea

Chief Financial Officer
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Matthew H. Birenbaum

Matthew H. Birenbaum

Chief Investment Officer
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Sean J. Breslin

Sean J. Breslin

Chief Operating Officer
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Edward M. Schulman

Edward M. Schulman

Executive Vice President General Counsel and Secretary
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Joanne M. Lockridge

Joanne M. Lockridge

Executive Vice President - Capital Markets
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David J. Alagno
Human Resources

Jonathan R. Busch-Vogel
Development (NY, FL)

Sean M. Clark
Asset Management (National)

Kurt D. Conway
Brand Strategy and Marketing

Deborah A. Coombs
Property Operations (West Coast)

Jong Chung

Rukevbe "Rukus" Esi
Chief Digital Officer

Mitch Forlenza
Construction (Northeast)

Brian E. Fritz
Development (WA, Denver)

David O. Gillespie
Development (MA)

Patrick J. Gniadek

James L. Graves
Information Technology

Kurt R. Hesser

Karen A. Hollinger
Corporate Initiatives

Martin J. Howle
Development (Mid-Atlantic)

Mark D. Janda
Development (Southern CA)

Scott R. Kinter
Construction (East Coast)

Joe Kirchofer
Development (Northern CA)

Ronald S. Ladell
Development (NJ)

Sarah A. Mathewson
Property Operations (East Coast)

Martin Piazzola
Development (NY)

Michael J. Roberts
Development (MA)

Peter Rocereto
Construction (CA/CO)

Keri A. Shea
Finance and Treasurer

Elizabeth A. Smith
Asset Management (East Coast)

Craig F. Thomas
Market Research

Jacqueline L. Todesco
Asset Management (West Coast)

Alaine S. Walsh
Operations and Investment Services

Eric S. Wayne
Construction (MidAtlantic/NC/FL/TX)

Catherine T. White
Associate General Counsel